Top Up Down Bottom


I was already living in two TPE - partnerships, even though I was all independence and straightened my life out on my Master, who possessed at will about me.

The master certain whether I served as a naked Boy or as sex slave in outfit.

For my Master I kept house and stood for all conceivable work and tasks.

I was kept as a dog or a prisoner in iron shackles.

Wearing narrowness or the Masters worn-out clothes.

Got cage arrest, Total Shave, regular punishment by spanking and Resilience, but also tenderness, if I've earned.

My training as a TPE slave extended to wearing butt plugs, iron chains, Breasts clips, Ballstretchern and Cockringen.

Wearing chastity belt to maintain the masturbation ban.


This is feasible:

A - Army
B - Bondage, bootlick, Boots
C - cage arrest, CBT, chains, chastity, Cockring, Collar
D - Demonstration, Dildos, Dogplay, Drill, dark cell
E - education, electric
F - face fucking, Full Rubber
G - gag, gas mask
H - handcuffs, human furniture, Humiliation
I -
J - Jail
K - Keller attitude, kicks
L - Latex, licking, leather
M - masks
N - nude attitude, NS
OO - Oral, Oral Sex
P - patterning, piss, Plugs, Police, punishment
Q -
R - Rape, Resilience, Rubber, rubber mask
S - serve, shackles, Shaved, Skin, Slapping, Sling, Spanking, spit, St. Andrew's Cross, submissiveness, Suit
T - tenderness, toilet service, Total Shave, Toys, TT
U - Uniform
V -
W - wax, whip, Wich services
X -
Y -
Z -


In case of any partnership also again abandonment of complete independence. Etc...